June 9, 2010

Last Days of School

I’m happy, I’m ready.
I’m silly, I’m sad.
I’m jolly, I’m jumpy.
I’m lazy, I’m glad.
I’ve got many feelings
Cause school’s almost done.
I’ll miss many things,
But the summer is F-U-N

Emilia - I am going to Disney.
Ashley - I'll go swimming and go to a fun daycare.
Chris - I'm going to my camp and Animal Park.
Ben - I'm going to play outside.
Charlotte - I'm going outside in my pool and go swimming with my Barbies, and I'm cutting my long hair.
Matthew - I'm going swimming at my friend's house.
Heavenly - I'm going swimming!
Jenna - I'm going to summer rec and it's my mom's birthday.
Harley - I'm going to read!
Dylan - I'm doing summer cleaning.
Mary - I'm going strawberry picking and swimming.
Ashton - I'm going bike riding.
Lauren - I'm going to read chapter books and swim.
Corey - I'm going to play outside and have fun!
Hayden - I'm going to sleep late sometime.
Hailey - We're going to camp with Daddy.
Our teacher is going to read books on the beach.

June 2, 2010

From Ms. Holbrook

Here are some graduation pictures that I promised- with the cap; I know all the kids were dying to see the cap! I chose the second picture because, after getting your diploma, you move the tassle over to the other side. How is everything? I really miss you all. A big hello and hugs to all The Fish!