February 11, 2011

Animals in the Arctic

We watched Arctic Tale. It was an awesome movie. We found out that the ice in the Arctic is melting too quickly. That means the polar bears don't have enough food. It also means they may not have a place to live. Some of the polar bears are dying. We want to have polar bears around when we grow up.

We hope people will recycle, save energy, save electricity, and bring their own bags to go shopping. We can help save the polar bears!

February 9, 2011

IT'S SNOWING! for our friends in Slovenia, The Sparkles


We saw the video that our friends, The Sparkles, made. It inspired us to make our own video. We went outside and took pictures and used a video camera. We had fun. We thought the snow was gorgeous and sparkling! We are enjoying all of our snowstorms.