January 25, 2013

New Song from Slovenia

Here is the new song our friends in Slovenia sent us. We are working hard to learn this one. We like sharing songs!
Zajček dolgoušček,
bel imaš kožušček,
hitre tačke, ostre zobke,
dolge brke, repek siv.

S kravico stanuješ,
v hlevu poskakuješ,
repo glodaš in korenje,
deteljico in krompir.

Vsakemu uideš,
k meni vselej prideš,
s smrčkom vohaš, prst poližeš,
potlej pa vesel zbežiš. 

The translation goes a bit like this:

Long-eared bunny ,
You have white fur,
speedy paws, sharp teeth,
long whiskers, gray tail.

You live with cow,
jump around the barn,
nibble turnips and carrots,
clover and potatoes.

You escape from everyone
but always come to me,
you smell with your nose, lick my finger
and then run away happily.

January 23, 2013

Playing Before and After

We are playing a math game called Before and After. You each get 6 cards, and you each put 1 card on the top. Now you see if you have a number that is before or after.

We worked in pairs and groups. It was fun and the cards were colorful, and we wrinkled our brains with numbers. We worked hard at the game. We are getting better at games!