January 23, 2013

Playing Before and After

We are playing a math game called Before and After. You each get 6 cards, and you each put 1 card on the top. Now you see if you have a number that is before or after.

We worked in pairs and groups. It was fun and the cards were colorful, and we wrinkled our brains with numbers. We worked hard at the game. We are getting better at games!


NT said...

Great idea to play and learn :) We can try this as well!

Hugs from Slovenia

Miss Paterson said...

Dear Crickets,
I'm so glad to see pictures of you learning and having fun! You all look like you're doing a great job concentrating and playing Before and After. You also did a really nice job explaining how the game works. I can't wait to play some math games with you in February!
Miss Paterson

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Ms. Paterson,
We haven't seen you in a long time. We miss you. We hope we will see you soon.
The Crickets