September 27, 2011


Today was Purple Day! We wore all the purple we had. We brought purple surprises. One was a lizard. Our teacher brought a purple stretchie. We counted our purple clothes and tallied them. We read purple stories. We wrote our own purple story. We took pictures. We learned to spell purple. We laughed a lot. We love purple!

September 25, 2011

We have read lots of Worm stories by Kathy Caple. We LOVE Worm stories! We wrote our own Worm story:

Worm at School
by The Starfish

 Worm walks to school. Worm met his teacher when he got to school. Worm started to play with blocks. The teacher said, "You aren't supposed to play yet." Worm went outside. The teacher said, "It's not recess time." Worm took all the books from the bookshelf. The teacher said, "No, Worm, it's not story time. Don't take out all of our books." Worm drew on the board. The teacher said, "It's not Choice Time yet." Worm played with his food at snack time. The teacher said, "Don't play with your food. You are supposed to eat it." Worm drew on the walls at Choice Time. The teacher said, "Don't draw on the walls. Here is some paper." Worm drew on the paper. He drew a picture of everybody hugging. The teacher said, "Nice job, Worm." She put Worm's picture on the wall. Worm likes school.

September 21, 2011

Crickets in our Classroom

We have crickets in a tank in our classroom. Our tank is filled with soil and grass. The crickets like to eat plums, grapes, oranges, and tomatoes. They don't like apples. We put in a wet paper towel so they have water. 
There are boy crickets and girl crickets. The girls have a long ovipositor to lay their eggs.  They lay their eggs in the ground.The eggs are too small to see. They will hatch around January. Baby crickets are smaller than ants. They are the size of a pinhead. 
 We have some big crickets and little crickets. The small ones are black and brown. The big ones are black. The little ones jump around a lot. It's fun to watch them eat. We like listening to them chirp. Do you know how crickets chirp?

September 16, 2011


Lillian - I like it when we do math and Choice Time, and reading books and when we sing.
Daniel - I like being Head Starfish, and working on the COWS.
Jaidyn - I like Choice Time.
Dana - I like spending time with my teachers.
Hunter - I like doing Challenges and math.
Tasha - I like everything!
Aurora - I like singing songs together.
Dakota -  I like working on our interactive whiteboard.
Jase - I like Choice Time and math and being Head Starfish.
Coty - I like learning French.
Brooke - I like learning French too, and doing math.
Emma - I like speaking French, and working on our interactive whiteboard and being Name Star.
Nathan - I like doing our interactive whiteboard.
Alanna - I like being Word Wizards.
Laney - I like Choice Time and story time, and making books.

We all love working on our Polyvision interactive whiteboard! Thank you Polyvision!

September 12, 2011

Tomato Horn Worms

These are Tomato Horn Worms. They are mostly green with a white stripe and they have a spike. You shouldn't touch the spike. On the side of them it looks like eyes. They feel comfortable and soft when you hold them. They eat tomato plants. I went to my friend's garden to catch them. One was making a cocoon. It will hatch into a hummingbird moth.  I just found a baby one too. My baby one doesn't have a spike yet.

September 1, 2011


Our class name is The Starfish. Here we are on the first day of school!