October 27, 2011


An anonymous donor gave our school money for a field trip. We decided to go to Pumpkinland. We all had a snack in the big white tent, then we went on a hayride. We sat on hay and the tractor pulled the wagon. Next we picked pumpkins. We each got our own. We got back on the hayride and went back to the white tent for lunch. Then we went on the Frankenslide lots of times! We sat on carpets and they made you go really, smokin' fast! The slide was very, very big and very high. It was FUN! We went in the short corn maze too. It was a little bit tricky to find your way out. We liked it. We saw bunnies, goats, donkeys and horses to pet. Then we got back on the bus and came back to school. 

THANK YOU to the person who gave us this trip. It was wonderful! 

by Brooke, Dakota & Jase

October 6, 2011

"Think Different"

Steve Jobs was the CEO (person in charge of everyone) at Apple computers. He was one of the most creative and innovative minds of our time. He helped to invent Apple computers, the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Our school district is full of Apple computers. He always said, "Think different". What does "Think different" mean to you?