May 24, 2010


We love learning big words! Today we learned that flabbergasted means stunned and surprised.
We were FLABBERGASTED to count 13 letters in the word; that's one half of the alphabet!
Michael- I was flabbergasted when I came in my house and saw my giant birthday cake!
Ben - I was flabbergasted when I saw a skunk in my house!
Cody - When the bird pooped on my brother, he was flabbergasted!
Lauren - Mom got me a puppy and I didn't know. I was flabbergasted when I got home!
Corey - I was flabbergasted that I was so sweaty that tears came down my face.
Matthew - I was flabbergasted when I came home off the bus and my mom told me I was going to Florida with her!
Charlotte - I was flabbergasted when Mom bought me the AquaSand game I wanted.
Chris - I was flabbergasted when the pool was set up because I didn't think it would work and it did!
Hailey - I was flabbergasted when Heavenly squished the spider!
Heavenly - When my dad bought me a Nintendo DS for my birthday, I was flabbergasted!
Ashley - It was so hot and sunny outside that I was flabbergasted!
Jenna - I was flabbergasted because my mom gave me a pony!
Harley - When mom got a horse for me, I was flabbergasted!
Emilia - I was flabbergasted when I found out I could spell lots of words!
Hayden - I was flabbergasted when my mom and dad bought me a video game.
Ashton - I was flabbergasted because I saw a blue dog!
- I was flabbergasted when I got a Wii!

May 14, 2010

Ms. Holbrook is graduating from Colby College this year. We had a party and made cards and flowers and had a yummy cake. We did the Magic Penny too. Ms. Holbrook made a fish for each of us - even for our teacher! We will miss her a lot, and hope all her dreams come true. We can't wait to see her graduation pictures!

May 10, 2010

Starfish Facts

Ashley - Starfish do not have any teeth. Their suckers help them climb.
Charlotte - A starfish can grow a new ray if one gets eaten. There are 500 kinds of starfish.
Ben - They eat shellfish. They have hundreds of suckers.
Dylan - Starfish have no bones.
Jenna - Suckers on their rays help them move.
Harley - They use their rays to pull shellfish open and eat them.
Hayden - Starfish come in many colors. Some are hard to see. They have a spot on the tip of their ray - it tells night from day. They can't really see.
Michael - They put their stomach
through a hole and put it around their food to eat. They are also called sea stars because they live in the sea, and they look like a star.
Chris - Fish eat starfish. They can climb up rocky walls.
Hailey - Starfish eat shellfish, and if a fish bites off its ray, it will grow back. A ray is an arm.
Matthew - Some starfish are smaller than your fingernail, and some are bigger than a dinner plate! Its favorite food is clams. Its mouth is under its body.
Emilia - Starfish eat without teeth!
Lauren - Starfish have another name; sea star.
Heavenly - They can have lots of arms and be lots of colors.