May 30, 2013

We wrote this song together. It's about the hallway.

May 20, 2013


Ms. Paterson is our teacher from Colby College. She has been with our teacher for three years! She helps us with our Challenges, she teaches us games, she writes to us on our blog, she helps us with our reading and writing work, and she loves us. Ms. Paterson is a very nice, awesome, fun person. We are going to miss her because she is graduating from Colby and going to another school to be a teacher. We're very proud of Ms. Paterson. She is graduating with lots of honors because she worked very hard. She is going to graduate school. We wish Ms. Paterson lots of good luck. We love you very much, Ms. Paterson!

May 17, 2013

The Puppy by Ava

I  was  at  the  pet  store   to get  a pet and I got a puppy. I was going in my house with my new puppy. I was playing with  my puppy. We played  all   day .We bought  a bed for my new puppy.

I did the typing and put the photo on myself! Ava

Spring time by Rory

Spring is really pretty because there are flowers, trees, fruit and oranges and apples and grapes and purple grapes. There are birds and frogs and lizards and other stuff. You can eat ice cream outside and play out side. About the ice cream - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry all kinds of ice cream.

I did the story and the photo myself. Rory 

May 14, 2013

My Rabbits by Kara

My  rabbits  are  cute. We are  nice  to   our   rabbits.  We  have fun and play  with our rabbits.At night they go to bed. Good  night.

I did everything myself - even the photo. Kara

My Family by Reana

On Tuesday I went to my daddy's and when I got home me and my family went to Caswells and we got a snack for night time. Then we watched a movie. The movie was Ghost Cat.

I did everything myself for this post. Reana

The Grey Squirrel by Julius

Run for your life ! The chipmunk is tossing  nuts! I think he's gone. Ah! I surrender! The end!

I did this all by myself! Julius

May 13, 2013

The Aliens by Bree.

One    day  I    was   walking  down   the   street    and   aliens  popped   out .     I   screamed    as  loud   as   I   could   ahhhhhhh Then I   fell   down. Then  they  took  me  to  their  lab and  I   ran  back  to  my  house. 

I did the photo and the keyboarding all myself! Bree          

My Dog by Vinnie

A long time ago my dog died. I miss her and I cried forever.

My Friends by Nar

Yesterday  I  went  to Colby for a barbeque.It was fun. I got to play frisbee! I ate a burger. But I didn't get to finish my food because the frisbee was too fun ! Then the man who let us use it took the frisbee back . We had dessert . It was awesome!

I put up the picture and did all my own typing! Nar 

Christmas by Talia

One day Talia was so happy because it was Christmas eve! "It's Christmas eve!" Talia shouted out. So mom said it's time for bed to wait for Santa to come. Talia said OK. Then Santa came! He is going to lay out the presents and Santa said Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!! Then Talia said it's Christmas! They opened presents and played with their
toys.And they lived happily ever after.

I did all of the typing and added the photo myself! Talia

May 10, 2013

The Kittens by Abby

There  once   was   a   cat   and  it  was  fat. It  was so  fat that  you  couldn't  hold   it. One   day   I went   to  bed and when I  woke up  I had  ten kittens! They are so  cute!  I  forgot  all about  it.  It wasn't  fat. It  is   skinny. And  now one is huge. 

I did all of the typing and added the photo myself! Abby 

Colors by Nevaeh

Apples are red and all juicy inside. Oranges are orange and BIG and round. Bananas are yellow all scrumptious. Grapes are green and split in lots more. Blueberries are blue and little. Plums are purple and sweet.

I did all of this post myself - even the picture! Neveah 

May 8, 2013

Making Polygons

What is a polygon? It is a shape that has straight sides, is closed, and the lines only meet at the corners, called angles.

We made polygons. We used straws and twist ties. We bent the twist ties and stuck them in the straws. We made triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, trapezoids, pentagons and diamonds. We enjoyed doing this, and we got to take our polygons home. 

May 2, 2013

Whales & Blocks

 I made an aquarium for blue whales and humpbacks.
 I made an aquarium for whales with our blocks.
I built this!