June 14, 2013

Here Comes Summer!

We had a great year in First Grade! It was fun! We have to say goodbye to our Twitter friends, and our special friends in Slovenia.

Here's what we are going to do this summer:
go swimming in my pool, go to Niagra Falls, go to the beach, play outside, go to FunTown-Splash/Town, use water balloons, go to Turkey and Switzerland and see my grandparents, get out my Bounce House, make new friends, go fishing, sleep late, go camping, run under the sprinkler, and read some good books.

Summer is fun, awesome, fantastic, terrific, super, magical, spectacular, ultimate, great, wonderful, and happy. We hope you have a great, happy, magical, knock-your-socks-off summer!

The Crickets are headed for 2nd grade!

June 7, 2013

Our Trip to the Pond & Museum

 We found a salamander in the pond! When you touch a salamander your hands should be wet, because they breathe through their skin.

We did catch and release. We liked looking for things in our nets.

Listening to our friend, Emily, tell us about the pond.

 We put things in containers that had magnifying glasses on top.

We like the museum too.
photos by Vinnie's mom

Our Butterflies

We made butterflies with our Art teacher.

June 6, 2013


Nar's mom is from Turkey and she came to visit to tell us about Turkey. It was very interesting and we like it a lot.

 Here is the Turkey flag. We think it's pretty.

 Part of Turkey is in Europe, and part is in Asia. 

 This is a silk scarf from Turkey. We learned that blue and red are popular colors.

 This is Little Red Riding Hood in Turkish. The Turkish alphabet has some letters that we don't have.

We tried to learn some words in Turkish.

This is a Turkish lullaby. Nar's mom sang it to her when she was a baby.

Gule, gule!