June 14, 2013

Here Comes Summer!

We had a great year in First Grade! It was fun! We have to say goodbye to our Twitter friends, and our special friends in Slovenia.

Here's what we are going to do this summer:
go swimming in my pool, go to Niagra Falls, go to the beach, play outside, go to FunTown-Splash/Town, use water balloons, go to Turkey and Switzerland and see my grandparents, get out my Bounce House, make new friends, go fishing, sleep late, go camping, run under the sprinkler, and read some good books.

Summer is fun, awesome, fantastic, terrific, super, magical, spectacular, ultimate, great, wonderful, and happy. We hope you have a great, happy, magical, knock-your-socks-off summer!

The Crickets are headed for 2nd grade!


Our Classroom Family said...

Love you all - have a great summer!
Ms M

Anonymous said...

Have a happy summer Crickets. Remember to always use both straps of your backpacks.
Dr. Mathes

NT said...

Dear Crickets,

thank you for being our friends. We wish you great summer and many happy hours in 2nd grade.

Love from Slovenia,

The Pine Cones

Kayla Saunders said...


I am a student studying at the University of Maine at Presque Isle to be a teacher. As one of my assignments for a course is to look at blogs and see how we can incorporate them into our classrooms. I was looking through your blog and I really enjoyed seeing all of the things that you do in your class. This is a great spot to get ideas for my future classroom so thank you for sharing!