March 30, 2012

Art Show

We had an art show at our school. Everyone had work in the show. We had two pieces of work; we each made a songbird out of earth clay and drew bird cages with oil pastels and golden paint. We did our work in art class with our art teacher, and we listened carefully to directions. We looked at photographs of birds to see what they looked like and what colors to use. 

The art show was at night. We came back to school with our families. We showed our parents our artwork, had snacks, and got our faces painted. It was fun and exciting!

March 19, 2012

Emma's 100 Project

I used 100 popsicle sticks and made a school house with my mommy and daddy.

Hunter's 100 Day Project

I used 100 eyes and made a 100 with eyes. It looks awesome. Mom helped me.

Jaidyn's 100 Day Project

I used 100 soda tabs and made a fish bowl with fish     with hands holding it with a desk. I did it all by myself.

March 9, 2012

wAcKy wEdNeSdAy!

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday! We are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. He would be 108 years old!

We decided to wear c-r-a-z-y socks. We made mustaches just like the one the Lorax has. We had a Wacky Wednesday Assembly. Mrs. McGee read us the Dr. Seuss story called Wacky Wednesday. Then we heard The Cat in the Hat. We got Wacky Wednesday stickers too. We planted some flowers and Truffula trees in Weehauken also. It was fun!

March 8, 2012

Dakota's 100 Day Project

I used 100 soda tabs and made a heart. My mom helped me.

Joddi's 100 Day Project

I used 100 beads and I used hearts and made a spider mobile. My mom helped me.  

March 6, 2012

Coty's 100 Day Project

I used 100 toothpicks and made a porcupine. I made it with my mom and dad.

Nathan's 100 day project

I used 100 feathers and I made an owl and I put a beak on. My mom helped me.

March 2, 2012

Alanna's 100 Day Project

I used 100 popcorn kernels and made it with Mom.   She helped a little.