November 22, 2011


Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Here is what we are thankful for:

Natasha - I'm thankful for my mom, my couch, my cat, my school, going places, and my bed.
Laney - I'm thankful for our friends in Europe, my family, God, and everything.
Dana - I'm thankful for my dog, my cat, the weather, and my family.
Nathan - I'm thankful for my family, God, and my house.
Lillian - I'm thankful for all my friends, my family, my food, my bed, and all the gorgeous creatures, and the kids in my class and my teacher.
Hunter - I'm thankful for my family, sleeping in a warm bed, and my food.
Dan - I'm thankful for the Pilgrims and the veterans, my family and my warm bed.
Emma - I'm thankful for my food, my family, God and everything!
Coty - I'm thankful for my house, my food, and my family.
Dylan - I'm thankful for my mom, my food, and that I'm healthy.
Joddi - I'm thankful for my family, my cats, and my dog, and my bed.
Jase - I'm thankful for my family, my food, my warm bed, and everything!
Brooke - I'm thankful for my family and my friends.
Alanna - I'm thankful for my family, and other people who I love and love me.
Rory - I'm thankful for my mom and my family and my daddy, and my cats.
Dakota - I'm thankful for food and friends.
Jaidyn - I'm thankful that I can give food to the Food Bank, that I can help other kids who don't have anything, and for drawing pictures. 

We're all thankful for books and stories, food, God creating our world, teachers that teach us all kinds of new stuff and love us, Santa, Mrs. McGee, sunshine, flowers, animals, art, songs, school, all of us together, and for being safe and healthy.

November 19, 2011

Our Friends in New Zealand

Even and Odd Numbers

We learned about even and odd numbers. Even numbers end in 0,2,4,6, and 8. Odd numbers end in 1,3,5,7, and 9. We picked things in our classroom to show the numbers. We took our own pictures. We showed how the numbers are even and odd. We really like taking pictures.

November 7, 2011

It's Halloween Night by Rory

Hi, come into my haunted house. You will see a pumpkin. You will see a spooky cat. You will see eyes blinking at you. Come out. BOO!

November 5, 2011

November 4, 2011

Haunted House by Nathan

This is the haunted house and there are monsters in it. We went in it and something was behind us and said, "Boo!"

Spooky and Boo-y by Alanna

One day the best jack-o-lantern was Jaidyn the pumpkin. A black dog came out and a ghost shouted, "BOO!" And the skeletons ran away.

Spooky Haunted House by Lillian

Once there was a creepy haunted house which was full of monsters. There was a spooky pumpkin and the ghost went, "Boo!" The pumpkin went behind the ghost and made him BOO again.

A Spooky Night by Jaidyn

The bat is awake. 
Well, the ghost waits.
The cat has a tummy ache.
And the haunted house bakes.

A Haunted House by Emma

Once there was a haunted house, a spooky pumpkin and a black cat. There was something wrong with that black cat. Then a ghost popped his head out of the window and shouted, "BOO!" The ghost shook the haunted house and the pumpkin went rolling and rolling and rolling. The cat screamed, "MEOW!" Then the haunted house jumped. The cat landed safely on a hill. Then then haunted house fell down.

The 3 Bats and the Haunted House by Hunter

There is a haunted house. There is nobody there but three bats. There is a king bat in the middle. There is a spider spinning a web.

Halloween by Natasha

The haunted house is scary. It is really scary. My house is haunted. The ghost is screaming, "Boo!" The jack-o-lantern is smiling at the haunted house to let the ghost in. But the ghost just keeps screaming, "Boo!"

Spooky Stuff by Dan

There is a ghost that shouted, "Boo!" There is a very spooky skull. There is a trick-or-treater at the haunted house. They give him a bag with candy and the ghost comes out and shouts, "BOO!" again.

The Spooky Day by Jase

The spooky day was here. It was scary. But it was bats and spiders and all more spooky. I can't know when it is being a spooky day again.

Haunted House by Joddi

I love to go down to the haunted house! Do you like to go down to the haunted house? You will see ghosts and a cat and probably a witch and a jack-o-lantern.

At Halloween by Dylan

It's Halloween night. The ghost is going to the house to scare everyone. The bats are on the roof and the pumpkins are glowing. Everyone got scared!

The Funny Spooky Story by Brooke

It was Halloween night. It was dark and creepy. There is a jack-o-lantern on a hill and a bat and a skull saying, "Boo!" It was a haunted house and everybody got scared.

On Halloween by Laney

On Halloween night I went for a walk. I saw a haunted house, a skeleton and a ghost that said, "Boo", and a pumpkin head that was scary. I yelled, "AHH!" and then I went home safely and dressed up in my princess costume to go trick-or-treating.

Three Cats and One Ghost by Dana

 Once upon a time, there were three cats and one ghostI saw that the ghost told the cats something. I don't know what. Maybe the ghost told the cats to go to a haunted house. The cats went to the haunted house and then they had a party with the ghost.

Halloween Night by Coty

In the woods a ghost said, "Boo". A skeleton said, "Ha, ha!" The cat was frightened and went into the woods.

Skeletons! by Dakota

 Skeletons scare people because they run around. He is running away from the skeleton.

November 3, 2011

Apple Tasting Party!

Our teacher brought in 8 different kinds of apples. We took pictures of the apples, then we observed them carefully and we talked about how each apple looked. We wrote its name on our Apple Expert paper. We predicted what color the apples would be on the inside. Some were white and some were yellow. We cut them up and put them on a plate. We passed them around and we each took a piece. We smelled them and predicted if they would taste juicy, tart, sweet or sour. Then we ate them and circled what we liked on our Apple Expert paper. We voted the Winter Banana our class' favorite apple. Then we ate the extra pieces. Yummy!