November 22, 2011


Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Here is what we are thankful for:

Natasha - I'm thankful for my mom, my couch, my cat, my school, going places, and my bed.
Laney - I'm thankful for our friends in Europe, my family, God, and everything.
Dana - I'm thankful for my dog, my cat, the weather, and my family.
Nathan - I'm thankful for my family, God, and my house.
Lillian - I'm thankful for all my friends, my family, my food, my bed, and all the gorgeous creatures, and the kids in my class and my teacher.
Hunter - I'm thankful for my family, sleeping in a warm bed, and my food.
Dan - I'm thankful for the Pilgrims and the veterans, my family and my warm bed.
Emma - I'm thankful for my food, my family, God and everything!
Coty - I'm thankful for my house, my food, and my family.
Dylan - I'm thankful for my mom, my food, and that I'm healthy.
Joddi - I'm thankful for my family, my cats, and my dog, and my bed.
Jase - I'm thankful for my family, my food, my warm bed, and everything!
Brooke - I'm thankful for my family and my friends.
Alanna - I'm thankful for my family, and other people who I love and love me.
Rory - I'm thankful for my mom and my family and my daddy, and my cats.
Dakota - I'm thankful for food and friends.
Jaidyn - I'm thankful that I can give food to the Food Bank, that I can help other kids who don't have anything, and for drawing pictures. 

We're all thankful for books and stories, food, God creating our world, teachers that teach us all kinds of new stuff and love us, Santa, Mrs. McGee, sunshine, flowers, animals, art, songs, school, all of us together, and for being safe and healthy.


Tabatha said...

Those are all great things to be thankful for! That was adorable!

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you, Joddi's mom!
The Starfish

Anonymous said...

We are thankful for The Starfish and the chance to see all the great things they work on. ~Emma's Family

NT said...

And we're thankful to have you for friends :)

LOVE from Slovenia!

Gram Hollabaugh said...

You are so talented..I have read everything you all have done and am so impressed with your creativity, and hard work...keep it up!! Daniel's Gram, Bev Hollabaugh(from Pa.)...Love