March 27, 2013

Ava's Dragon Story

On Wednesday my dragon came to school! Here we are - do NOT mess around, okay? Here is a snack. Stay! You can play for a little moment. You're done? You want to play again? School is done. Okay. Bye!

My Dragon by Vinnie

On Tuesday a dragon followed me home! Mom can I keep the dragon? He will make toast. He will make us dinner. So mom said yes you can keep him. The dragon made oodles of noodles for dinner. He cleaned up the dishes with his fire.


Bree's Dragon Story

On Tuesday my dragon said goodbye. He took me with him. We went to Hawaii and went swimming. We had a great time together. It was fun, FUN, FUN! We went swimming again. I don't know why his fire didn't go out. Then we had ice cream. It was so yummy! I'm going to live with the dragon forever!

Rory's Dragon Story

Over the weekend my dragon and I took a lot of milk and ice and sugar and a big, big, BIG bowl. We put the ingredients all in the bowl and mixed it all up and we made ice cream. We swam in it and jumped in it too. We got ice cream in our underwear. It was cold! We ate a lot of ice cream. Our bellies were grumbling so much we couldn't eat anything until October. When mom came in it was a mess! The dragon melted it all and we drank it. It was flavored water. It was good.

March 25, 2013

My Dragon by Nevaeh

Over the weekend my dragon and I went back to his cave. My dragon gave me a sapphire necklace and I gave him a big hug and we went home. I gave him a diamond ring with real diamonds. My dragon smiled and wrapped his tail around me and gave me a hug. We ate a special dinner.

My Dragon by Kaedynce

On Tuesday a dragon followed me home. Aunty can I have a dragon? 
No, of course not
It will cook you breakfast. 
Okay, but just for one night. 
Why can't we keep him forever? 
Because he is a dragon
Well that is a good reason. But it will fly me to school and it will stay in my room. 
I guess you can keep it. 
Thank you for letting me keep the dragon.
Who wants a dragon? I want a dragon! 


My Dragon Story by Reana

On Thursday my dragon was hungry. I cooked him some cold toast and then he warmed it up with his hot breath. Then he wanted some more, so I gave him some more. Then he did not want any more, so he took a little while and then he was getting hungry again. He came and told me and I gave him more toast. Then he went to sleep.

My Dragon by Matt

On Tuesday a dragon followed me home! He makes toast. He can keep the house warm. Can I keep it? Auntie Betty said no, and my dragon ate her!


My Dragon by Kara

On Thursday my dragon was hungry. I gave him turkey and meat and bones and my bed. Then he was sick. Then he went to the bathroom. I did not care. Then he went to bed and he cuddled me and his bear. Sleep tight, dragon!

My Dragon by Abby

On Thursday my dragon was hungry. So I went to the store and I got everything in it. I came home and I cooked dinner for him and me. I gave him everything I bought, and he ate everything! I was glad and I said that I was going to do that again. I said thank you for eating everything. "Now I will take a nap,"  said the dragon. I woke the dragon up. I was very happy and when I was tired  I took a nap with my dragon  and he woke me up. When he woke me up I went to my own bed. My dragon slept with me. Good night!

March 8, 2013

My Dragon by Julius

On Thursday my dragon was hungry. I brought him to Mr. Daily's home. And my dragon ate him. I said, "Spit him out!" Then I said, "Sorry. Can you make some bacon?" He said yes. It took 2 hours. My dragon was sleeping. His smoke burned the house. It got on fire. At least the bacon is done! We went home and had dinner at my home. Then the dragon went to sleep.