September 21, 2012

Purple Day!

We had Purple Day. We wore all the purple clothing we had. We each brought in a purple surprise. We had purple plums for snack. Julius' mom sent us purple grapes. We froze them for snack in the afternoon. They were purple delicious! We made tally marks for all our purple things. There were 51 tally marks, plus all of our purple surprises! We even took a purple picture with our student teacher.

We want a purple-wonderful year!

September 14, 2012


Our class name is The Crickets, and we have been in First Grade for a dozen days.
Vinnie - I like working on my teacher's iPad.
Abby - I like watching our crickets.
Nar - I like seeing my teacher.
Brianna - I like writing, and singing at Morning Meeting.
Nevaeh - I like coloring at Choice Time.
Ava - I like singing together, especially our Peanut Butter Song.
Rory - I like being with my teacher, and reading.
CJ - I like building with the big blocks.
Talia - I like doing art and singing together.
Kaedynce - I like putting poems in our big, fat Poem Book, and I like to EEKK.
Kara - I like using Play-Doh and sharing news at Morning Meeting.

We all like using our teacher's iPad, having a sand box, spending time together, singing, being Chief Cricket, and doing Banana Split. First Grade is fun!