September 14, 2012


Our class name is The Crickets, and we have been in First Grade for a dozen days.
Vinnie - I like working on my teacher's iPad.
Abby - I like watching our crickets.
Nar - I like seeing my teacher.
Brianna - I like writing, and singing at Morning Meeting.
Nevaeh - I like coloring at Choice Time.
Ava - I like singing together, especially our Peanut Butter Song.
Rory - I like being with my teacher, and reading.
CJ - I like building with the big blocks.
Talia - I like doing art and singing together.
Kaedynce - I like putting poems in our big, fat Poem Book, and I like to EEKK.
Kara - I like using Play-Doh and sharing news at Morning Meeting.

We all like using our teacher's iPad, having a sand box, spending time together, singing, being Chief Cricket, and doing Banana Split. First Grade is fun!


Cristal Southwick said...

Reading all of the wonderful things you are doing brought a smile to my face today. What a GREAT photo of you all. I look forward to reading more. :)

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you for reading our blog.
The Crickets

Nar's mother said...

What a cute group of crickets! Wishing all of you a delightful year in First Grade!

Anonymous said...

Have a happy year, Crickets.
Dr. Mathes

Nelly - Slovenia said...

Hello to Crickets from Slovenia.

We are secondgraders now, we call ourselves The Pine Cones. We've already spent 3 days away from our homes, in the Fara village on the South border of our country near Kolpa river. It is 1 and a half hour driving by bus from Ljubljana. It was very interesting, we had so much fun!

Greetings from us!

Abby's Mom said...

The Stevens family wishes The Crickets a very happy,healthy first grade year!

Our Classroom Family said...

Hello to The Pine Cones in Slovenia! We are so glad to hear from you again. We are excited to work with you this year.

The Crickets

Our Classroom Family said...

We wish the Stevens family a happy year too!
The Crickets