September 21, 2012

Purple Day!

We had Purple Day. We wore all the purple clothing we had. We each brought in a purple surprise. We had purple plums for snack. Julius' mom sent us purple grapes. We froze them for snack in the afternoon. They were purple delicious! We made tally marks for all our purple things. There were 51 tally marks, plus all of our purple surprises! We even took a purple picture with our student teacher.

We want a purple-wonderful year!


luvmykids said...

Purple is a great happy color!

Nar's mother said...

Wow, so it was one purple day! Everyone looks purplely adorable. I loved all the surprises the crickets made.

NT said...

Dear Crickets,

today we watched your introduction movie and you singing and we were sooo excited to meet you.

ZDRAVO from Slovenia from us!!!

We learned you're quite like us except you have so many pets at home. We love animals too. And also your families seems quite bigger than ours. We usually have 1 or at most 2 siblings.

We'll learn your friendship song and send you a Slovenian song, we just have to figure out which one would be the best for the beginning of our friendship:)

We're soo happy to be friends with you. Stay well,

The Pine Cones from Slovenia, Europe

Anonymous said...

What a fun day!