January 31, 2010

Why We Love Our School

The PTA's 100 Day Project is 100 Reasons We Love Our School.
Here is our part:
Mary - Mrs. Wrigley is so nice to us. Our school does cool stuff like our holiday party and dancing together.
Dylan - We can play in the snow on the playground.
Emilia - Our teachers are the best. If you are sad, people care about you.
Charlotte - We have good, big classrooms. We like art.
Ben - We have a computer and a whiteboard in our room. We do really cool stuff with it.
MacKenzie - Our teachers love us. We have lots of windows and lots of sunshine and happiness.
Heavenly - Our playground is fun. If you get hurt, someone always helps you.
Harley - We like having a bathroom in our room.
Hailey - We all care about other people at this school. We have fun decorating our school for holidays.
Corey - We dance together. Mrs. McGee taught us how.
Chris - We like the dry erase board.
Ashley - We have a garden! We like having the bathroom in our room.
Jenna - Mrs. McGee tells us we are special and does fun things with us.
Mike - Mr. Mike and Mr. Jim help us a lot.
Lauren - We LOVE Mrs. McGee. Our school is very creative together.
Ashton - We are family! We like how we learn together.
Matt - Our outside teachers help us.
Hayden - We have good books.

January 19, 2010


We are very sorry you had an earthquake. We wish you all had food and water and medical care. We wish you had new homes and new buildings. We want you to have a safe life. Next Friday is Hats for Haiti Day. If we bring money we can wear a hat to school. We are going to send the money to help you. We are your friends and we care about you.
The Fish

January 4, 2010


We are very lucky to have good friends in Slovenia!

Thank you for the video Christmas greeting. We liked the song very much and we liked the pictures you made. We wish you a very Happy New Year!
Sre─Źno novo leto!