January 31, 2010

Why We Love Our School

The PTA's 100 Day Project is 100 Reasons We Love Our School.
Here is our part:
Mary - Mrs. Wrigley is so nice to us. Our school does cool stuff like our holiday party and dancing together.
Dylan - We can play in the snow on the playground.
Emilia - Our teachers are the best. If you are sad, people care about you.
Charlotte - We have good, big classrooms. We like art.
Ben - We have a computer and a whiteboard in our room. We do really cool stuff with it.
MacKenzie - Our teachers love us. We have lots of windows and lots of sunshine and happiness.
Heavenly - Our playground is fun. If you get hurt, someone always helps you.
Harley - We like having a bathroom in our room.
Hailey - We all care about other people at this school. We have fun decorating our school for holidays.
Corey - We dance together. Mrs. McGee taught us how.
Chris - We like the dry erase board.
Ashley - We have a garden! We like having the bathroom in our room.
Jenna - Mrs. McGee tells us we are special and does fun things with us.
Mike - Mr. Mike and Mr. Jim help us a lot.
Lauren - We LOVE Mrs. McGee. Our school is very creative together.
Ashton - We are family! We like how we learn together.
Matt - Our outside teachers help us.
Hayden - We have good books.


Anonymous said...

You must have a very wonderful school.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see that kids appreciate their school and their teachers.

David said...

You seem to have such a nice school and nice teachers. It also sounds like you enjoy going outside to play in the playground. I am glad that you have fun on your snow days. I wonder how long it will be before Spring? Do you look forward to longer and warmer days like I do?

David said...

Wow do you guys like purple. I am glad that you think about other people when you make your wishes.

ISKRICE said...
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Nelly, Slovenija said...

School should be a safe and warm place for everyone and I'm glad you all feel this way. We, teachers are always happy to hear that children love school :)

Take care and stay happy!

Ben said...

I love the blog!