February 15, 2013


I used 100 legos  and   made   a  truck. My  mom   helped  me   and   my   sister   helped me  too.

The Polar Regions

We are learning about the Polar Regions. Here's what we learned:

The Arctic is frozen ocean. It is very cold. It is also called the North Pole. Polar bears live there. Some other animals that live there are whales, narwhals, snowy owls, puffins, lemmings, seals, arctic fox, snowshoe hares, and wolves. We live close to the Arctic circle.

Antarctica is a continent. It is frozen land. It is even colder than the Arctic. It is the coldest place on earth. Peguins live there. They have never seen polar bears. Only scientists live in Antarctica because it is too cold. 

Both places are have sunshine all the time for 6 months, and darkness all the time for 6 months. We can't imagine playing on our playground in the dark, or going to school in the dark.


I  used  100   popsicle sticks and made a tool box! My mom helped me.

Happy 100 Day Rory

I used 100 pompoms and made a rainbow. My mom and Meme put the hot glue gun on.


I used 100 stickers  and  Carter  helped and Mom too. I  made  a safari  and a pirate cove.


I    used   100    grains    of        rice       and       made        a         musical        egg  shaker, with   my   mom.


I used 100 Legos  and made  a  house.   I    did  it  by  myself.                                       


I  used  100  hearts and  made big heart.  My  mom helped me.


I used 100 pieces of candy and made a heart. My dad helped.


I  used 100  Legos and  made  a heart  and     my Mom    and  Dad helped.


I  used 100  legos  and  made  a  house    and  my mom and my brother helped. My brother was a little impatient!


I   used    100    Legos and    made     a     boat. My uncle Jon helped.

Happy 100 day Talia

I used 100 beads with a string and made a necklace  with no help.

Nevaeh's 100 Project

I used 100 stickers and made a collage. I did it by myself.

February 11, 2013

100th Day of School

We are 100 days smarter! We made cool projects with 100 things. Some of us worked alone, and some of us had help from our families. 

We clapped 100 times, and we wrote a fun message with 100 words. We put it in the hallway for everyone to read. We read books about 100. We liked 100 Hungry Ants. We read a poem called 100 is a Lot. Our teacher hid 100 numbers and we had to find them.  We went home after lunch because it was snowing a lot. 

It was Nar's idea to make this post 100 words!

February 7, 2013

Learning Place Value

We are using Base 10 blocks. The long skinny ones are 10, the little ones are one, and the big flat ones are 100. They are called flats, longs, and cubes. We are building with them.

February 4, 2013

Practicing spelling b-e-c-a-u-s-e

We practiced spelling "because" with play dough. We made long snakes first. Next we made the letters.

 This was f-u-n!