October 31, 2012


Abby - I'm going to be a witch.
CJ - I'm going to be a Ninja.
Nar - I'm going to be a witch.
Rory - I'm going to be Rapunzel.
Cam - I'm going to be a Ninja.
Julius - I'm going to be Captain Jack Sparrow.
Talia - I'm going to be Cleopatra.
Kaedynce - I'm going to be a vampire beauty queen.
Nevaeh - I'm going to be a ladybug.
Matt - I'm going to be a firefighter.
Vinnie - I'm going to be a Ninja.
Bree - I'm going to be a skeleton.
Kara - I'm going to be a bow hunter.
Ava - I'm going to be Minnie Mouse.

That's what Halloween is about!     

October 26, 2012


We read The Secret of Spooky House. The secret was that the monsters in the house ate popcorn. The story made us hungry! We decided we wanted to eat some popcorn. We used a hot air popper, and we got a big monster-sized bowl from the cafeteria to hold the popcorn. We watched the popcorn kernels pop. We each made two paper containers for the popcorn. We designed the containers ourselves. We used tape to hold the containers together. We had to decide which container we made would hold the most popcorn, and then our teacher filled that container. Some of our containers held 3 scoops! We each got 1 scoop of popcorn. We ate our popcorn while we listened to The Popcorn Dragon story. 


October 18, 2012

It's Fall!

It was a beautiful fall day, so we went for a  walk because we wanted to make pictures out of leaves. We were walking down the street near our school. We were looking down to collect leaves. We saw golden leaves, red leaves, and yellow leaves. Some leaves were still green. We found some maple helicopter seeds and some pine cones. We met a neighbor who said we could go all over this fields the next time we went out for a walk. On the way back we kicked through the crunchy, crackly leaves. It was fun!

It was a very sunny day. We traced each other's shadows outside on the playground using sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is big and thick. We stood still and made funny shapes with our body. We wrote our names on our shadows.

We wrote our Star Words all over the playground. We wrote them very big. Then we played Star Word Tag. When our teacher called a Star Word we had to run and find it. Then we stood on it. When we were finished we did a Sun Dance, then we laid in the sun to catch our breath.


October 15, 2012

Kuzha Pazi

Here is the song we are learning in Slovenian:

KUZHA PAZI, Z REPKOM MIGA                  The dog watches out, waves with its tail        
VSTANE, LEZHE, TACHKO DA                     stands up, lies down, gives you its paw,
HISHO CHUVA, JEZNO LAJA                        it guards the house, barks angrily
CHE NIKOGAR NI DOMA                              if no one is at home.

KO PA JURCHEK CICIBANCHEK                 When little boy JurĨek    (Yurchek)
TRUDEN SE ODPRAVI SPAT                       goes to sleep all tired
KUZHA PAZI, K VRATOM LEZHE                 the doggy guards him, lies down by the door
DA NE VZAME JURCHKA TAT                    so that the thief can't steal him.

Our friends in Slovenia sent us a video.

  We are working very hard to learn this song!