October 31, 2012


Abby - I'm going to be a witch.
CJ - I'm going to be a Ninja.
Nar - I'm going to be a witch.
Rory - I'm going to be Rapunzel.
Cam - I'm going to be a Ninja.
Julius - I'm going to be Captain Jack Sparrow.
Talia - I'm going to be Cleopatra.
Kaedynce - I'm going to be a vampire beauty queen.
Nevaeh - I'm going to be a ladybug.
Matt - I'm going to be a firefighter.
Vinnie - I'm going to be a Ninja.
Bree - I'm going to be a skeleton.
Kara - I'm going to be a bow hunter.
Ava - I'm going to be Minnie Mouse.

That's what Halloween is about!     


Barli Nugent said...

I loved the video wishing everyone a Happy Halloween -- I especially loved how everyone in the class worked together, and how each one of you did your own special movements to your singing!

Barli Nugent said...

PS. I forgot to tell you when I left my last comment that I am writing from New York City, where we had a lot of very bad damage from Hurricane Sandy. Thousands of trees fell down, on houses and across streets, all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, New Jersey and Long Island. The schools have been closed all week, so a lot of children went trick-or-treating during the day yesterday, instead of at night. A lot of shop keepers also invited the children into their stores to get candy, as they walked around the streets. I hope you all had fun in your costumes, and don't forget to brush your teeth after eating candy!

Miss Paterson said...

Dear Crickets,
Awesome job with these Halloween songs! I especially liked how you sounded really spooky when you said "Happy Halloween" at the end of the first video!
- Ms. Paterson

Our Classroom Family said...

Ms. Nugent,
We loved your comment. We did brush our teeth after eating Halloween candy.
We hope everybody in New York City is okay. We are sorry it happened.
Your friends,
The Crickets

Our Classroom Family said...

We love all love you Ms. Paterson. We're glad you read our blog; it makes us happy.
The Crickets