October 18, 2012

It's Fall!

It was a beautiful fall day, so we went for a  walk because we wanted to make pictures out of leaves. We were walking down the street near our school. We were looking down to collect leaves. We saw golden leaves, red leaves, and yellow leaves. Some leaves were still green. We found some maple helicopter seeds and some pine cones. We met a neighbor who said we could go all over this fields the next time we went out for a walk. On the way back we kicked through the crunchy, crackly leaves. It was fun!

It was a very sunny day. We traced each other's shadows outside on the playground using sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is big and thick. We stood still and made funny shapes with our body. We wrote our names on our shadows.

We wrote our Star Words all over the playground. We wrote them very big. Then we played Star Word Tag. When our teacher called a Star Word we had to run and find it. Then we stood on it. When we were finished we did a Sun Dance, then we laid in the sun to catch our breath.



Anonymous said...

Your word game looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your trees are beating ours! We have color change but not as much as yours! We had a sunny day this week and now are back to rain for the next few days.

Rick from Arizona said...

From the picture it looked like you indeed had a beautiful day. It is autumn here in Arizona too but you guys would probably think it is still summertime here in the desert where I live! During the day our high temperature gets up to almost 90 degrees, but at night it is chilly for us - dropping down into the 50's.

We do have some trees here on the desert whose leaves change color, but they usually do it more in late November. When we really want to see the leaves change we jump in our car and go about 150 miles north of Phoenix where the mountains are covered with trees called Aspens. Aspen leaves turn a brilliant yellow gold this time of year and are found in giant groves among the dark pine forests that cover much of northern Arizona.

In Arizona in the fall we have brilliant deep blue skys, tall mountains sometimes with a bit of snow on their tops and dark green pine forests with patches of bright yellow Aspens. It is quite beautiful here too!

I hope you all have fun this autumn playing in giant piles of leaves!

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Rick,

Thank you for your comment. That was very nice. We liked hearing about Arizona. Talia used to live near Arizona in Vegas.

Fall here is in the 40s. We don't even have 50 during the day. We think 90 is really, really hot!

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you will write to us again.

Your Friends,
The Crickets

Miss Paterson said...

Dear Crickets,
Star Word Tag sounds like so much fun!! Isn't it nice that you got to enjoy the beautiful fall colors before this week's gray and stormy weather?
-Miss Paterson

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Miss Paterson,
That was a nice comment. Thank you. We hope you have a happy Halloween!
The Crickets