October 15, 2012

Kuzha Pazi

Here is the song we are learning in Slovenian:

KUZHA PAZI, Z REPKOM MIGA                  The dog watches out, waves with its tail        
VSTANE, LEZHE, TACHKO DA                     stands up, lies down, gives you its paw,
HISHO CHUVA, JEZNO LAJA                        it guards the house, barks angrily
CHE NIKOGAR NI DOMA                              if no one is at home.

KO PA JURCHEK CICIBANCHEK                 When little boy Jurček    (Yurchek)
TRUDEN SE ODPRAVI SPAT                       goes to sleep all tired
KUZHA PAZI, K VRATOM LEZHE                 the doggy guards him, lies down by the door
DA NE VZAME JURCHKA TAT                    so that the thief can't steal him.

Our friends in Slovenia sent us a video.

  We are working very hard to learn this song!


Nelly - Slovenia said...

Looking forward to hearing you singing :) All the best when learning!!!

Thank you for your Hello song. We like your classroom and you, ofcourse.

Love from Slovenia!

Your friends, the Pine Cones

Anonymous said...

What a great song to learn from your friends! I wish you the best in your singing, hope you are having FUN!