November 15, 2012


Abby - I am thankful for our teacher, and our friends, and our parents, and the library.
Nevaeh - I am thankful for having great parents that give me things like my lessons, and my whole family, ABCs, and numbers.
Matt - I am thankful for my teacher, my family, and my aunt, and everybody else.
Ava - I am thankful for my mom and my daddy, and my cats and dogs.
Nar - I am thankful for the world, and for Thanksgiving, and for all the good things people have done in the past years, and for people.
CJ - I am thankful for my brother, and my family, and my aunt and grammy, and for homework.
Bree - I am thankful for everyone, and my family, and my friends, writing, and learning to be techies.
Rory - I am thankful for my family, my teacher, Thanksgiving, and my friends.
Kara - I am thankful for the world, and the trees.
Talia -  I am thankful for my mom, dad, Thanksgiving, my grammy and poppa, and Maddy, my dog, and my cats.
Julius  - I am thankful for my mom.
Kaedynce - I am thankful for my friends, my family, and the whole entire world, and my teacher, and nature. 
Camren - I am thankful for the earth, and for books and stories.
Vinnie - I am thankful that I can help other people, and I am thankful for my family, and my pets.

We are all thankful for:
our friends in Slovenia, life, our IWB, books and stories, our blog, Tweets, our school, art, our warm beds, earth, God, Jesus, food, polite words, singing together, music, our teacher's iPad, learning to read,  new friends we meet.

We're thankful for the chance to give thanks together at Thanksgiving! 




November 9, 2012

Happy 50th Day of School

Today is the 50th day of school! We brainstormed 50 words about our classroom. We are half way to 100 days!

November 8, 2012

For The Pine Cones, our friends in Slovenia


We worked very hard on this. We learned it! We really like this song. Thank you for sharing it. Would you please send us another song? 

November 7, 2012

Our Monsters

We made silly monsters by using an app on our teacher's iPad. We enjoyed making them look silly. We printed them and wrote about them. We had fun and we gave our monsters silly names like Scrambled Socks.

Nevaeh's Haunted House

In the haunted house there's ghosts that go around in circles and crash! Oh no, zombies! Run !!! Ahhh, thump... ouchy!  Oh no! I'm going to get chased by zombies again. They chase me around the kitchen, and bats flew in my hair. And I hit the exit.

Ava's Haunted House

I am a ghost. A scary, scary ghost. I live in the haunted house. There are monsters in there. You don't go in there. It's really, really scary. I'm warning you! Boo!!! Grrrr!!! Rahhhrrr!!! What's that? It's a ghost! The ghost tripped over a rock and I hid behind the door. I left.

Talia's Haunted House

I tiptoed in the haunted house and I saw bats flying everywhere. I went in the closet and saw a monster. It growled at me. A skeleton was following me around wherever I went, but I escaped and sailed across the sea all the way to Maine.

CJ's Haunted House

I went into a haunted house and there was a monster. There was an owl, and there was a ghost. They chased me out of the house!

Bree's Haunted House

Me and my friend went to the Haunted House. Drip! We heard something. It was Frankenstein washing his hands. We thought that was crazy. Then we saw bats. They were flying. We thought that was normal. They chased us to California. It was not a nice trip!

Vinnie's Haunted House

There was a ghost in my house. Booooo! Booooo!

Abby's Haunted House

Hi! I'm in the haunted house and I see a witch. She said, "Whuh-ha-ha. You are spooked." I want to get out of this house. I ran around the house and the witch followed me. I got out through the window.

Nar's Haunted House

I quietly walked in the haunted house. I saw bats sleeping upside down. When I opened a few doors I came to a little door and I saw zombies from World War II. Then I quietly walked outside. And the floor creaked as I walked out of the haunted house. It was very scary. Boo!

Rory's Haunted House

Swish! What was that? That was a bat. Goblins are everywhere. There are skeletons everywhere. I am brave. I am not scared. Go away skeletons! Go away goblins! Go away flying bats! Go away scary stuff! BOO!

Kara's Haunted House

Look! There is something creepy! What is that? I think it is a ghost. I hope not. It is a ghost! "Boo!" It said boo. I crept out.