November 8, 2012

For The Pine Cones, our friends in Slovenia


We worked very hard on this. We learned it! We really like this song. Thank you for sharing it. Would you please send us another song? 


Cristal Southwick said...

Wonderful job everyone. Learning a new song in a different language is such a big challenge. I'm sure your friends in Slovenia are going to love it!

Cindy Pierce said...

Wow! What a great job. It must be fun to have friends that live clear around the world. ;)

Our Classroom Family said...

Mrs. Pierce,
Thank you for reading our blog. It is fun to have friends all over the world.
The Crickets

Anonymous said...

This is very impressive Crickets! Slovenian is a hard language to learn and you did a nice job.
Dr. Mathes

Anonymous said...

Great Job Crickets!!! Keep up the hard work! We enjoyed your song!!
~The Stevens family

NT said...

We were waiting for the song to get it via dropbox and forgot to look at you blog ... and now ... it is a total surprise to see how great you have done it. Congratulations from the Pine Cones!! We'll send you a new song right away. At the moment we're happy to work on your popcorn song. We found the fabulous Popcorn song on youtube from 1969 and we danced on it ... we turned into popcorn and it was sooo fun. Try it yourselves! The music is fantastic!!!

Dearest Crickets, you have done a wonderful job. Thanks!

Love from Slovenia

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you for the compliments! We are going to try that Popcorn Song. Thank you for telling us about it.
We are looking forward to learning the next song you send us.
The Crickets