October 22, 2010

Our Fall Walk

We went on a fall walk. We picked up leaves that were different colors and shapes. We kicked through the leaves and it sounded crickly, crackly and crunchy. Then we rolled in the leaves. It felt prickly. There were lots of leaves flying around because it was windy. We saw beautiful trees with gorgeous colored leaves. We are so lucky to live in Maine where the leaves are so beautiful in the fall.

Our teacher read us "Leaf Man" and "Look What I Did with a Leaf". The books had beautiful photographs of things made with leaves. We love Leaf Man! We pressed our leaves in our math books overnight, then we made our own leaf pictures. We made people, mice, dogs, cats and other animals. Our classroom looked like fall inside and outside!

October 13, 2010

Dr. Reynold's Visit

Dr. Reynolds is a geologist and she came to our classroom to teach us about rocks. We each brought a rock to school. Dr. Reynolds told us what kind of rock it was. She gave us each a crystal of white quartz. She brought us cool rocks to look at and touch. It was amazing! Some rocks felt smooth and some rocks felt rough. The rocks were lots of different colors and shapes. They looked neat. One of them looked like it had an eye! One of them had a heart-shaped shell in it. There is a rock called fluoride and it goes in toothpaste. 
Thank you Dr. Reynolds - we had a great time! We learned a lot too.

October 12, 2010

Our French Friends in Auvre

Here are our e-Pals in France! They sent us a wonderful letter in French and English. We are very excited to have friends in France!

October 5, 2010

Things We Like in First Grade

Dylan - I like doing Challenges.
Crysta - I like using the cool glue sticks.
Catie - I like doing Buddy-and-a-Book.
Corbin - I like building reading stamina.
Ryland - I like Morning Meeting.
Faith - I like Read the Walls.
Sierra - I like singing at Morning Meeting.
Jazlyn - I like Spider Web.
Zoe - I like our class chants.
Jayson - I like Read to a Friend.
Chantelle - I like working on our computer whiteboard.
Drake - I like Choices and I like stories.
Lexi - I like the computer whiteboard. It  has colors.
Taylor - I like playing games on the computer whiteboard and writing to our e-pals on it.
Leah - I like having e-pals.
Karsyn - I like drawing and Choices.
Anthony - I like learning French.
Hunter - I like the computer whiteboard and hearing stories.

We all like using our computer whiteboard to visit other countries, especially Slovenia and France. It's really fun having e-pals!