October 22, 2010

Our Fall Walk

We went on a fall walk. We picked up leaves that were different colors and shapes. We kicked through the leaves and it sounded crickly, crackly and crunchy. Then we rolled in the leaves. It felt prickly. There were lots of leaves flying around because it was windy. We saw beautiful trees with gorgeous colored leaves. We are so lucky to live in Maine where the leaves are so beautiful in the fall.

Our teacher read us "Leaf Man" and "Look What I Did with a Leaf". The books had beautiful photographs of things made with leaves. We love Leaf Man! We pressed our leaves in our math books overnight, then we made our own leaf pictures. We made people, mice, dogs, cats and other animals. Our classroom looked like fall inside and outside!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful.

ISKRICE said...

Hello Stars!

Your work is wonderful! Who was the Leaf man?

Autumn is a colorful season. We have lots of rain this year.

Greetings from your friends from Slovenia, the Sparkles

Fernanda Cristina Gonçalves said...

Nice and interesting work!

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Hello Sparkles!
The Leaf Man was made from leaves. He had acorn eyes and a prickly nose. The story was written by Lois Ehlert. We are glad you liked it.
The Stars

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Hello to Portugal! We are glad you read our blog and wrote to us.
The Stars

brandi (taylor's mom) said...

from taylor:
when we went for our fall walk we found a lot of leaves. we made pictures of leaf men and all kinds of other things.
ms.mathes let us bring some of our leaves home.

Tragan's mom said...

I love the leave pictures. They are very creative. Great job guys :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the leaf art!
Corbin's Dad