November 2, 2010

Dr. Mathes' Visit

Dr. Mathes is a chiropractor. He came to our classroom to teach us about bones and staying healthy. The femur is the largest bone in your body. We have 20 phalanges all together. Our cranium protects our brain, so we should always wear a bike helmet. 

Chiropractors use their hands to keep you healthy. Chiropractors have always said no to drugs.They put your bones back where they belong. This is called an adjustment. 

We saw x-rays and saw some of the bones in our body. On the x-ray there is an "L" for left and "R" for right.  

We had a very nice day. We are glad that Dr. Mathes came to visit us.  


Dylan said...

I loved that video.

Tragan's Mom said...

I think it is great that Dr. Mathes made time to teach our little ones about bones and health. I work in healthcare and I am happy to see that you are all learning about our bodies and how they work. Tragan has been talking a lot about bones lately and I am glad that I got to see why. Thank you for sharing your video, it looks like you have a lot of fun learning!

cmk said...

I love learning about bones!
From Corbin

Ben the 2nd grader said...

I remember when Dr.Mathes taught my about bones.

Anonymous said...

How great that kids are learning what Chiropractors do!
A Chiropractor from New York