October 5, 2010

Things We Like in First Grade

Dylan - I like doing Challenges.
Crysta - I like using the cool glue sticks.
Catie - I like doing Buddy-and-a-Book.
Corbin - I like building reading stamina.
Ryland - I like Morning Meeting.
Faith - I like Read the Walls.
Sierra - I like singing at Morning Meeting.
Jazlyn - I like Spider Web.
Zoe - I like our class chants.
Jayson - I like Read to a Friend.
Chantelle - I like working on our computer whiteboard.
Drake - I like Choices and I like stories.
Lexi - I like the computer whiteboard. It  has colors.
Taylor - I like playing games on the computer whiteboard and writing to our e-pals on it.
Leah - I like having e-pals.
Karsyn - I like drawing and Choices.
Anthony - I like learning French.
Hunter - I like the computer whiteboard and hearing stories.

We all like using our computer whiteboard to visit other countries, especially Slovenia and France. It's really fun having e-pals!


Dr. Mathes said...

It sounds like you have a lot of fun!
Dr. Mathes

Anonymous said...

I love how the kids are learning french! Anthony has been practicing with his grandfather, daily! :)

Danielle (Jayson's Mom) said...

I really enjoyed reading about all of the wonderful things that you all like about first grade in Ms.Mathes class!!

(Jayson's Mom)

Melissa (Dylan's Mom) said...

Reading about all of the cool things you are doing in class makes me want to go back to first grade! What a fun class you all get to be in! I look forward to reading all about the new and exciting things you will be doing this year!