October 12, 2010

Our French Friends in Auvre

Here are our e-Pals in France! They sent us a wonderful letter in French and English. We are very excited to have friends in France!


Anonymous said...

What are E-Pals? Eternal friends?

Friends from France said...

Hello friends
We are so happy to see your video about Halloween. We send you something very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stars!
My name is Brittany and I am also one of Marguerite's classmates. I really enjoyed visiting your classroom and learning about this blog. I think it is awesome that you have e-pals in France and Slovenia! I don't know any other first graders that know how to do this. Keep up the good work!

Jayson said...

I really like talking to my epals.

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Thanks, Brittany!
The Stars