February 11, 2013

100th Day of School

We are 100 days smarter! We made cool projects with 100 things. Some of us worked alone, and some of us had help from our families. 

We clapped 100 times, and we wrote a fun message with 100 words. We put it in the hallway for everyone to read. We read books about 100. We liked 100 Hungry Ants. We read a poem called 100 is a Lot. Our teacher hid 100 numbers and we had to find them.  We went home after lunch because it was snowing a lot. 

It was Nar's idea to make this post 100 words!


Nar's mother said...

Wow, look at these creative children. Happy 100th day little crickets!

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun. Wish we did it in my class too.

Anonymous said...

It was fun looking at all of your creative ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Shelby C said...

So cute and creative!