November 3, 2011

Apple Tasting Party!

Our teacher brought in 8 different kinds of apples. We took pictures of the apples, then we observed them carefully and we talked about how each apple looked. We wrote its name on our Apple Expert paper. We predicted what color the apples would be on the inside. Some were white and some were yellow. We cut them up and put them on a plate. We passed them around and we each took a piece. We smelled them and predicted if they would taste juicy, tart, sweet or sour. Then we ate them and circled what we liked on our Apple Expert paper. We voted the Winter Banana our class' favorite apple. Then we ate the extra pieces. Yummy!


Ginger (Student Visitor) said...

Wow I did not know the names of most of those apples! Thank you for teaching me something new!

Miss Paterson said...

Dear Starfish,
It looks like you did a lot of good learning with your Apple Expert papers, and your description and pictures made me very hungry.
There is a lot of good fruit here in Chile, but there is nothing like delicious fall apples in Maine! I've never even heard of Winter Banana apples - you really are apple experts!!
Happy Friday!
- Miss Paterson

Anonymous said...

Dear Starfish
I loved the apple tasting party,


Our Classroom Family said...

Ms. Paterson,
Thank you. The apples really do taste good.
The Starfish

Our Classroom Family said...

Thank you for reading our blog!
Your Friends,
The Starfish

Anonymous said...

Dear Starfish...I didn't even know there were that many kinds of apples. I want to try all of those different apples too! Love, Mrs. McGee

Anonymous said...

I heard from "a little starfish" that the honey crisps were really good - I can't wait to try them all - you made them sound so good!