May 20, 2013


Ms. Paterson is our teacher from Colby College. She has been with our teacher for three years! She helps us with our Challenges, she teaches us games, she writes to us on our blog, she helps us with our reading and writing work, and she loves us. Ms. Paterson is a very nice, awesome, fun person. We are going to miss her because she is graduating from Colby and going to another school to be a teacher. We're very proud of Ms. Paterson. She is graduating with lots of honors because she worked very hard. She is going to graduate school. We wish Ms. Paterson lots of good luck. We love you very much, Ms. Paterson!


Joycelyn from mrs. Wideens class said...

Congratulations mrs. Paterson

Sidhak said...

I do not have a cat ether.

Miss Paterson said...

Dear Crickets,
Thank you so much for this blog post and for all of the congratulations! Thank you for the sign with all of your hand prints and all of the cards you made for me, too. I love them!
I have a fifth grade friend who saw the cards you made me and he thought they were awesome. We really like your artwork.
It was very rainy and cold on the day of my graduation, but it was still fun.
I miss you already! I hope you have a fantastic last week of school!!
Ms. Paterson

Our Classroom Family said...

You're welcome! We miss you too! We are glad you're a teacher now. Your students are lucky to have you. We hope you have lots of fun being a teacher.
The Crickets