May 10, 2010

Starfish Facts

Ashley - Starfish do not have any teeth. Their suckers help them climb.
Charlotte - A starfish can grow a new ray if one gets eaten. There are 500 kinds of starfish.
Ben - They eat shellfish. They have hundreds of suckers.
Dylan - Starfish have no bones.
Jenna - Suckers on their rays help them move.
Harley - They use their rays to pull shellfish open and eat them.
Hayden - Starfish come in many colors. Some are hard to see. They have a spot on the tip of their ray - it tells night from day. They can't really see.
Michael - They put their stomach
through a hole and put it around their food to eat. They are also called sea stars because they live in the sea, and they look like a star.
Chris - Fish eat starfish. They can climb up rocky walls.
Hailey - Starfish eat shellfish, and if a fish bites off its ray, it will grow back. A ray is an arm.
Matthew - Some starfish are smaller than your fingernail, and some are bigger than a dinner plate! Its favorite food is clams. Its mouth is under its body.
Emilia - Starfish eat without teeth!
Lauren - Starfish have another name; sea star.
Heavenly - They can have lots of arms and be lots of colors.


Dr. Mathes said...

You are amazing marine biologists!
Dr. Mathes

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! I've rarely seen starfish in person but your information was very informative! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Aren't sea animals fascinating?! You have learned a lot about starfish. Did you know that there is a type of starfish called the chocolate chip starfish because it has thorns on it that look like chocolate chips?

ISKRICE said...

In Slovenia we call this wonderful animal sea star. In Adriatic sea there is also a tiny sea star, less than a finger nail small and you can find it under the stones. It's very cute.

We're waiting for holidays to explore the sea again. What will you do during summer break?

Love from us!

Kelly Hamilton said...

My daughter s three years old and very interested in starfish. We loved reading your great starfish facts. Thank you for sharing your learning with us!