April 29, 2010

50 Tails for 50 Whales

We match
ed 50 whale tails puzzle pieces to their heads. On the back of the puzzle was the name of the
whale and information about the whale.
We found out about dolphins, orcas, narwhals,

blue whales, humpbacks, belugas, grays,
pilots, fins, right whales, minkes and sperm whales.
All together we had 100 puzzle pieces: 50+50=100.


Dr. Mathes said...

You are quickly becoming whale experts!

Nelly - Slovenia said...

That's just great :)

mary said...

50 tails for 50 wails!!!!!

ISKRICE said...

Dear Fish,

thank you for your movie about how you put together a whale. It was a terrific and giant work. Congratulations!

Love from Slovenia!

Your friends, the Sparkles