September 25, 2011

We have read lots of Worm stories by Kathy Caple. We LOVE Worm stories! We wrote our own Worm story:

Worm at School
by The Starfish

 Worm walks to school. Worm met his teacher when he got to school. Worm started to play with blocks. The teacher said, "You aren't supposed to play yet." Worm went outside. The teacher said, "It's not recess time." Worm took all the books from the bookshelf. The teacher said, "No, Worm, it's not story time. Don't take out all of our books." Worm drew on the board. The teacher said, "It's not Choice Time yet." Worm played with his food at snack time. The teacher said, "Don't play with your food. You are supposed to eat it." Worm drew on the walls at Choice Time. The teacher said, "Don't draw on the walls. Here is some paper." Worm drew on the paper. He drew a picture of everybody hugging. The teacher said, "Nice job, Worm." She put Worm's picture on the wall. Worm likes school.


Anonymous said...

Dear Starfish,
I don´t think I´ve read any books by Kathy Caple. I will have to make sure I read some of them when I get back to the USA! Thank you for sharing.
I also really enjoyed reading the story you wrote. You did a really nice job including lots of different parts of Worm´s day at school.
Have you drawn pictures at Choice Time of the Starfish hugging?
- Miss Paterson

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Ms. Paterson,
We didn't draw pictures of us hugging, but Worm did!
The Starfish

Professor S. said...

Your story is absolutely fantastic! This is the first one I have ever read about a school-loving, drawing-making, happy worm. Your story makes me wonder if I might ever see a worm in my college classroom. I will keep my fingers crossed with hopes. Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

i like your story.worm likes drawing alot right.

emily daniels sister