September 16, 2011


Lillian - I like it when we do math and Choice Time, and reading books and when we sing.
Daniel - I like being Head Starfish, and working on the COWS.
Jaidyn - I like Choice Time.
Dana - I like spending time with my teachers.
Hunter - I like doing Challenges and math.
Tasha - I like everything!
Aurora - I like singing songs together.
Dakota -  I like working on our interactive whiteboard.
Jase - I like Choice Time and math and being Head Starfish.
Coty - I like learning French.
Brooke - I like learning French too, and doing math.
Emma - I like speaking French, and working on our interactive whiteboard and being Name Star.
Nathan - I like doing our interactive whiteboard.
Alanna - I like being Word Wizards.
Laney - I like Choice Time and story time, and making books.

We all love working on our Polyvision interactive whiteboard! Thank you Polyvision!


Anonymous said...

I am very glad to hear that many of you like doing math! It is a very important subject that takes a while to get good at. Keep studying hard!

Rick from Arizona

Anonymous said...

good morning everyone! I love your blog. I love dogs and all animals, and think it is wonderful that your name is starfish and that you have pictures of dogs on your site. I have a little white poodle mix. He is adorable, and loves to cuddle.

have a great week.

Best wishes,
Pamela from New York City.

Anonymous said...

I loved all the pictures you had made! What a happy group you are, and you are obviously learning such a lot. I didn't know all that about seahorses! I would like to have had one of the black lab puppies! My husband and I always kept labs, some black, some yellow - they are wonderful dogs!
I think you must have a very interesting time in school - such a lot of experiments. Sounds like you have a very good teacher!
Thanks you for sharing all these wonderful projects with me.
Best wishes to all of you.
Mrs. Young

Anonymous said...

Greetings, First Graders! My school's mascot is the Dolphin - it seems we both like Maine's ocean creatures. I love interactive whiteboards and am sure you are learning many, many great things by using it. Keep us posted on how your year is going!

An Old Friend of SAD 47

Karen said...

My dear friends, hello from Massachusetts!
How's your school life so far? It seems that everyone has one or two favorite activities. That's great! Enjoy learning together, and don't forget to share what you learn with us.

Stay curious and use common sense.


Barli said...

Hello students!
I was very glad to learn about your blog, and happy to see that you are full of curiosity and energy. These are very important qualities for having an interesting life.

Sometimes when we're in school we think that knowing the answers is the most important thing. But I think asking a lot of questions -- and considering what the possible answers might be -- is most important. Did you know that sometimes there is more than one right answer to a question? In fact, sometimes there are many "right" answers to a question -- and you get to choose which "right" answer you prefer.

Of course, this isn't true when the question is something like "how much is 6 plus 4?" You can try to persuade your teacher that the answer is "11" but you would be wrong! The correct answer is 10! In mathematics, there is generally only one correct answer.

But here's another question. Do you know the story "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge?" (If you don't, ask your teacher to read it to you; it takes place in my city -- New York.) In that story, there are several possible reasons as to why the little red lighthouse was feeling sad.

I loved being in school when I was little. I now work and teach in a school in New York City with students who are generally between 17 - 25 years old, and love hearing my students' questions! They are studying music, dance and drama, and they perform a lot. I hope your classroom day includes dancing, music and drama.

With warm greetings from noisy and fun New York City!
Barli (pronounced like "barely")

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Rick,
Thank you for reading our blog. We ARE working very hard at math.
Your Friends,
The Starfish

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Pamela,
We are pleased that you like our name!
Your Friends,
The Starfish

Our Classroom Family said...

Dear Mrs. Young,
We enjoy sharing our projects with you.
Your Friends,
The Starfish

Our Classroom Family said...

A BIG thank you to everyone who reads our blog. We love getting your comments. We are all excited to see people from New York City are reading our blog. We are going to find out where Arizona is too.
You are all very nice.
Your friends,
The Starfish

Anonymous said...

Its great that the children now have whiteboards and interactive computer boards to do their learning on! When I was in school they had just got rid of the traditional chalkboards and purchased whiteboards. Great job Starfish!

Professor S. said...

Bonjour. I am catching up with your many many comments about the first days of school this year. What a great time you must be having in your class. You do so many different things and it looks like most of them are really fun. Learning new things really is just having fun in a new way. Have a great rest of your year.

Our Classroom Family said...

my teacher is smart and cool laney