February 11, 2011

Animals in the Arctic

We watched Arctic Tale. It was an awesome movie. We found out that the ice in the Arctic is melting too quickly. That means the polar bears don't have enough food. It also means they may not have a place to live. Some of the polar bears are dying. We want to have polar bears around when we grow up.

We hope people will recycle, save energy, save electricity, and bring their own bags to go shopping. We can help save the polar bears!


Anonymous said...

Awww thats too bad hopfully we all can join together and save these wonderful animals.

Faiths mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

It must have been so fun watching a movie about Polar Bears. I think Polar Bears are so cool. Lexi's family recycles to help keep Polar Bears safe.

Lexi's Mom

Mary said...

What a cool movie. Everyone loves Polar Bears. Recycling is a great way to keep the earth beautiful for future generations.

Zoe's mom

Denise Krebs said...

I think you are all very smart to realize that we actually can save polar bears by bringing our own grocery bags to the store and committing to other good habits of reducing consumption. Thank you for helping tell the world this important truth! Another good idea is to shop at second hand stores. That can help save the environment. Keep sharing!
From, Mrs. Krebs

Mary said...

I will do whatever it takes to do I LOVE POLAR BEARS!

the star Zoe

Anonymous said...

I will do enythaning it takes.


Learning Together said...

Fantastic ideas! Later on in the year my Prep (5-6 year olds) students will be learning about what we can do to care for the environment and save our animals. I will make sure we watch Artic Tale. Thank you so much for sharing! We all need to work together to look after our world.
Have fun
Mrs Kennedy

Jana said...

Hi Everyone,
I promise I will do all I can to recycle. I too like polar bears and want them around when you are grown up!
I am taught 1st grade for 10 years, but now I teach kindergarten in Kansas! I am going to keep following your blog to see what you are doing the rest of this school year! Keep up the great work.
Mrs. Atkinson

Mrs. Cassidy said...

Hi First Graders,
It looks like you are learning some important things about polar bears. I am glad that you are concerned about them and their ability to find food and a place to live.
I wonder what things each of YOU are doing to recycle and save energy?

Anonymous said...

Our family has made a commitment to do whatever we can in our daily lives to help provide our part in saving these beautiful animals.
-Boutot Family

Anonymous said...

Polar bears are magnificent, and your post is very good.
Dr. Mathes

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Mrs. Cassidy,
Here's what we do to save energy:
We turn off the lights when we don't need them.
We bring our own bags to go shopping.
We try to make less trash, and we throw it in the trash can.
We recycle paper in our classroom.
We recycle plastic and glass.
Maine has a recycling law; we recycle bottles and cans.
We can recycle cardboard and newspaper.
Thank you for reading our blog!
The Stars

ISKRICE said...

Dear friends,

your post informed us about the movie Arctic Tale and made us curious ... We watched it today and made us think ... Thank you! It was a beautiful beautiful story ... We feel like Nanu and Seela are our friends. We want to help them and other animals to live in enviroment that is good to them.

Love from us! Our vacation starts tomorrow :)

The Sparkles

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Dear Sparkles,
We just came back from vacation, because we had a snow day yesterday. We got another foot of snow!
We are happy that you liked Arctic Tale. Now we can help save the polar bears together.
The Stars

Anonymous said...

I think we did a good job telling everyone about the polar bears in the Arctic. Love Taylor