April 6, 2011


Today we compared the temperature here with the temperature in Slovenia. It was 34 degrees Fahrenheit here, and 64 degrees Fahrenheit in Slovenia. We found out it was 30 degrees warmer in Slovenia. Some of us counted by 10's to find out. We decided we'd all like to go to Slovenia and visit our friends there.

Do you know that in Slovenia they measure their temperature in Celsius? It was 15 Celsius in Slovenia and 1 Celsius here. Pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I would like to visit Slovenia right now too. I'm very impressed that everyone understands how to convert Celsisus into Fahrenheit.

You are such great learners.

I can't wait for you to tell us it's 64 degress Fahrenheit in Maine.

Lexi's Mom

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

thank you:]

ISKRICE said...

HELLO from Slovenia! We just came back from 3-day-long trip to the farm in the hills around Ljubljana and we're very happy to find out you're thinking of us. Today it's gonna be around 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees F)!!! We checked your temperatures and it's much warmer here again - 9 degrees Celsius (48,2 degrees F).

Love from the Sparkles!