May 4, 2011


Dylan - Seahorses are fish.

Their tails are curly. The babies are very tiny. They don't have teeth. Seadragons look like seaweed.

Chantelle - Seahorses hold on to seaweed with their tails so they don't float away.

Leah - The mom gives the eggs to the father. They do a mating dance.

Sierra - Seahorses come in all different colors. Their enemies are bigger fish and people.

Corbin - They eat little shrimp. Their skeleton is outside of their body. It's an exoskeleton.

Crysta  - Seahorses swallow their food whole.

Zoe - They eat by sucking food into their mouth like a vacuum. People are harvesting them and that's not good.

Taylor - Seahorses look like horses because their
noses are the same. People harvest them to eat them. They have fins behind their ears.
Jaz - They are the only animal where dad's have the babies. There are lots of kinds of seahorses, including seadragons.

Karsyn - They push their babies out from their stomach pouch.

Faith - They use their back fin to swim.

Tragan - They also use their tail to swim.

Catie - They have hundreds of babies at a time.

Cam - They can change colors a little.


Anonymous said...

You are quite the marine biologists!
Dr. Mathes

Mary-Anne LaMarre said...

WOW! Seahorses are cool! I love seahorses. Aren't they so amazing?


ISKRICE said...

We like seahorses as well. We think they are very beautiful! Great post!

Love from Slovenia!