June 7, 2011


We read a poem about birds and a poem about bugs. We wrote a poem just like those, but we wrote about dogs.

by The Stars

Tan dogs, black dogs,
Napping on their back dogs.
Warm dogs, chilly dogs,
Running, chasing, silly dogs.
Small dogs, big dogs,
Playing with the pig dogs,
We like dogs!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Stars, you are very good poets! Great job using rhyming words!

Miss Paterson

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

We miss you! Hope your teeth are healed and you are feeling better.
The Stars

Anonymous said...

Nice poem, kids.
I wrote one about my two mini-wiener dogs, Ransom and Bilbo. They are quite naughty most of the time. I hope you like my poem.

The Boys

Skinny dogs, barky dogs,
Hungry all the time dogs.
Old dogs, short dogs,
Low to the ground dogs.
Begging dogs, napping dogs,
Always want a snacky dogs.
I like Ransom and Bilbo.