July 11, 2011


The Stars took these pictures themselves, and wrote the captions too!


Anonymous said...

Wow! How did you do that part at the end? It was very cool. I miss you! I was on the 4th of July float. It was a blast but it was very hot. I saw Faith and Taylor. The theme was panda mania church parade. Well hope to hear from you. I am picking Nic "Abner" and Hannah "bella" up tomorrow from camp. They have been gone all summer. Excited!


Mrs Wilson said...

Hi The Stars- we'll visit again when you are back at school!
The Awesome Explorers, Brisbane, Australia

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Dear Awesome Explorers,
The Stars will be in 2nd grade, but the new first graders (who don't have a class name yet) will be VERY excited to hear from you!