February 13, 2012

Our Ocean Concert

 pictures by Emma's Mom
We did a music concert about oceans. We went to the high school and we sang on the stage. It was very exciting and we practiced a lot. There were many people at our concert. Our parents and families came, and people from our community. We sang lots of songs. Our special class song was Baby Beluga. We even wore costumes. We had headbands with whales on them and blue tunics too. The other classes were sharks, turtles, jellyfish, clams and even kids at the beach! We played musical instruments. Our class played egg shakers. We got to play with beach balls for the song Down at the Beach. It was lots of fun to do a concert!


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the pictures. You all did such a wonderful job - we felt so proud of all of you!
~Emma's Family

Anonymous said...

You all did a FANTASTIC job!!!
Jase's Mom and Dad

Turner's said...

Such a great job everyone!! The Turner's are sure proud of the "Starfish"!
Brooke's Family

Anonymous said...

Starfish, thanks for putting these pictures on your blog! I wish I could have gone to your concert. You all looked fantastic as whales!
Miss Paterson

Nicole said...

Hi Starfish!

I bet that your concert was wonderful. I loved listening to you practice your songs - I wish I could have been at the show!

Miss Hewes

Anonymous said...

You all did such a wonderful job at the concert! Your costumes were great!!
Mrs. Reardon

NT said...

Too bad we can't hear you singing. The stage and you on it look beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

You all did such a fantastic job, I love making music with you!
Mrs. Peterson