March 5, 2010


We have been reading lots of George and Martha stories. We think they are very funny and we like them a lot. We wrote a class letter inviting George and Martha to come to our school. There are lots of hints about George and Martha stories in our letter. See if you can name all the stories we talk about!

Dear George and Martha,

Please come visit us at school. We are not going rollerskating, so you won't lose a tooth. We won't go swimming, so you don't have to worry about jumping off the high board. We are not seeing any scary movies, so George won't have to look for his invisible glasses.

We can study bugs together. We'll go to the beach and Martha will put on her suntan lotion. George can help us plant a garden. We'll make you a box of funny surprises that you both can

We will have a lot of fun. We hope you come!

The Fish


ISKRICE said...

We don't know the stories about George and Martha but they seem entertaining ... :D

Enjoy in books!

Ben said...

I love George and Martha!

ISKRICE said...

Dear Fish,

thank you for keeping up with our book project. We work on a story about The slipper cat. When finished we'll be happy to share the story with you.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

dear fish

last year I read a George and Martha story!!!!


ISKRICE said...

A+ for Emily ;)

Dylan said...

Hi Fish Friends,
I liked the George and Martha story! It was reaaly good! :D