March 16, 2010


On Monday we persuaded our families to let us have a pet dragon.

On Tuesday our dragons came to school. We all flew in on our dragons! Mrs. McGee was
aghast! We promised they would sit and listen. At lunch count the dragons asked for a Kindergarten Kid Sandwich. Mrs. McGee said, "NO!" So they had spaghetti, and they made us dragon toast. The dragons took us outside and we toasted marshmallows in their fire. At lunch recess we used the dragons for a big slide. We flew around until the bell rang. At Choices the dragons made a big mess with the crayons, glue and scissors. We were aghast! We made the dragons clean up. At story time they burnt the books because they were laughing so hard. When it was time to go home we flew to the apple orchard first. We had roasted apples. We made apple pie at home with our dragons. Dragons at school are cool!


Dr. Mathes said...

I am astounded and flabbergasted that first graders know the meaning of "aghast" and can use it properly.
Good for you!
Dr. Mathes

Nelly said...

Dear Fish,

it's great that you're interested in dragons. Mark from our class has a wonderful book about dragons. His favourite dragon is the European dragon which is also a symbol and protector of Ljubljana. We have a Dragon bridge over Ljubljanica river. You can see the photo of Ljubljana dragon statue here:

Dragons are very popular here. A dragon is also a symbol of our school.

Love, the Sparkles

Dylan and Mom (Melissa) said...

Dylan and I are looking through all of the incredibly awesome stories you've all posted! Nice vocabulary word.....aghast?? So impressive! And I must say the story made me giggle. Did they really want Kindergarten Kid Sandwiches? :)

Dylan says: The story was cool! Good Job! :)