December 7, 2010


We had a half day of school because it was snowing hard. We went home at 12:30. Here's what we did:
Zoe - I played outside because we got locked out and had to climb in through a window.
Tragan - I stayed inside and played.

Hunter - I played outside and made a snow fort and had a snowball fight.
Corbin - I shoveled my driveway and our car.
Anthony - I went to grammy's and watched TV.
Catie - I had a snowball fight with my brother and sister.

Faith - I slept late and cuddled under quilts.

Taylor - I made snow angels and threw snow at my pepe.

Ryland - I made big, giant snowballs to throw at daddy.

Crysta - I went outside and played with my friends in the snow. We made snowmen all over the place!

Chantelle - I snuggled with mommy and watched a movie with daddy.
Leah - I worked on the computer.
Kaleigh - I stayed in my house and played.

Drake - I played in the snow with my friend and my dog.
Jayson - I played in the snow and Ryland came over and we had a snowball fight.

Sierra - I stayed in the house and played with my little sister.
Karsyn - I made snowballs and had a snowball fight.
Jazlyn - I made beautiful pictures for Santa Claus.

Lexi - I shoveled and went sledding.

Snow is gorgeous! It's fluffy and white and  freezing and wet, but we love it! When snow melts it becomes water. You can make ice cream from clean snow! We can make snow forts and snowmen and snowballs and snow tunnels and snow angels. We like being surprised and waking up to snow. Snow can be so much fun!

AND - We all searched for, and added, our own choice of snow photos ourselves! We checked for copyrights too. We picked snow pictures that we thought were beautiful.


Jenn said...

It is nice to here all the different things they came up with to do on an early release day.

Dr. Mathes said...

What beautiful pictures you chose.
Dr. Mathes

Melissa (Dylan's Mom) said...

The pictures are AWESOME!!! You all are doing so well with the computer and I am super proud of you! Dylan didn't get to add what he did because he's home sick right now but he stayed inside and played the wii and rested. He is anxious to see you all as soon as he's feeling better! And he says HELLO to his star friends!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Stars should make snow cream the next time clean snow falls!
-Sierra's Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great early release day. It's so fun to watch a movie all snuggled up with blankets or go sledding. Lexi did a great job helping her dad shovel snow.
Lexi's Mom,

ISKRICE said...

Great pictures! Keep up the wonderful work you do :)

Greetings from Slovenija (it's raining here and the snow is almost gone :(

Anonymous said...

Too bad your snow it gone. We feel bad for you. We still have snow even though it rained this morning.
The Stars