January 13, 2011

Our New Year's Wishes

Drake: I wish I was Buzz Lightyear. I wish everybody had puppies.

Karsyn: I wish I was married to a princess! I wish the world could have the honesty of generation - that everyone would be nice to everyone else.

Taylor: I wish for a snowman! I wish for the world to have dogs! 

Faith: I wish for a cat! I wish everybody could have horses!

Zoe: I wish I could live with Faith! I wish everybody would be nice!

Corbin: I wish I was a dinosaur! I wish for everybody in the world to be nice.

Jazlyn: I wish for a magic unicorn. I wish for everybody to have ponies!

Lexi: I wish for an apple. I wish everybody would be honest.

Hunter: I wish for a PS3! I wish everybody could have a hat!

Leah: I wish for a dog! I wish everybody could be friends.

Chantelle: I wish I was rich. I wish the world would be filled with happiness!

Catie: I wish for a unicorn and I want everyone in the whole wide world to be nice to each other! 

Ryland: I wish I had gas for my bike. I wish every day was Easter all around the world!

Dylan: I wish I was in second grade. I wish that everybody had a home!  

Jayson: I wish for a dirt bike! I wish for the world to have snow!

Tragan: I wish for a dinosaur! I wish that no one in the world would be a bully!

Sierra: I wish I had a pet reindeer. I wish for the world that everyone could be peaceful!

Kaleigh: I wish for a bike. I really wish people were nice!

Anthony: I wish for Nat to be 5 and I wish to have a little bit of red hair! I wish everyone could have a warm place to stay.

Note to our Friends: We have been practicing keyboarding, and we did our OWN typing!


Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed with these wishes. You all did such a great job typing them! You also have some very nice wishes for the world. Good work, Stars!
Miss Paterson

Anonymous said...

cool wishes.

Anonymous said...

All of you like exclamation marks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of you have wonderful wishes.

Lexi's Mom

Anonymous said...

What thoughtful and wonderful wishes for the new year.

Lexi's Mom

Anonymous said...

I hope my wish will come true.