December 16, 2011

Our Little Baby Crickets

We are parents! Our baby crickets have hatched! They like to play on the warm sunny side of the terrarium. We give them water on a paper towel. When we bring grapes for snack, we bite them in half and feed them to the baby crickets. They can't chew through the grape skin yet. They are about 1/4 inch long. They are hard to see because they blend in with the soil. They don't chirp yet, but they will when they are bigger. We really like watching them.


Anonymous said...

dear starfish i love to be with you are we going to go to have fun at the Christmas party i hope
so laney one of the starfish.

Anonymous said...

Crickets in a cold place like Maine in the winter sounds wonderful. I bet you enjoy them a lot.

Nelly - Slovenia said...

So springful :) We love your crickets and wish we would have them too.

Greetings from The pinecones

Our Classroom Family said...

We have so many crickets! They just keep hatching! We love them very much and we are having fun watching them.
Thank you for reading our blog and leaving us comments.
The Starfish

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new babies. How exciting! I can't wait to stop in and see them sometime soon.
Love~Emma's Mom

Anonymous said...

Dear starfish i think it's cool that we have crickets in our classroom i like how they chirp it makes' me feel calm i love to be with you. Laney one of the starfish.