December 14, 2011

We won a gingerbread house!

Mr. Chouinard made a big, beautiful gingerbread house. He gave it to our school. Mrs. McGee did a lottery and our class won! OH YEAH! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR. CHOUINARD! It's so beautiful we can't decide if we should eat it or not. What would you do if you were us?


Anonymous said...

I would enjoy the gingerbread house as a class until this weekend, and then, I would donate it to the homeless shelter. Some children don't have a home for the holidays, and a gingerbread house would bring those children cheer and happiness! Think how it could bring a smile to a child's face...especially a child going through a difficult time. Good luck with your decision! Mrs. McGee

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great gingerbread house! How exciting! I like Mrs. McGee's idea, even though it must be awfully tempting to want to eat it! Have fun!

Mrs. Reardon
(Laney's Mom)

Our Classroom Family said...

We decided to eat the gingerbread house. It was awesome yummy!
We decided to bring treats for the Homeless Shelter instead.
Thank you for reading our blog!

Anonymous said...

We love your decision! The starfish won it - they should enjoy it. The starfish are kind and caring - and will collect items for the homeless, everyone wins- let us know when the treats are due it by - we'll donate some. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
~Emma's Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

I think if someone gives you something you should enjoy it yourself and not give it away. I agree with your classes decision.

Nelly - Slovenia said...

It just looks great!!! What happened to it? Did you eat it?

In Slovenia we have a tradition to make gingerbread /more often said LICITAR/ hearts.

Love from us :)

Our Classroom Family said...

Hi Ms. Nelly,
We ate the gingerbread house and it was yummy! We made paper gingerbread hearts for our Slovene Christmas ornament. We think yours are very pretty.
The Starfish